Tips for the Eco-Conscious Traveller

When we go on holiday, it’s easy to over-indulge. Whether it’s staying in fancy hotels, taking private transportation, or treating ourselves to extravagant meals – it’s easy to get carried away and forget about our environmental impact. Continue reading

Sharks and the City

In case you didn’t know, sharks are just like people. Except people generally suck and sharks are awesome so watch Earthlings, go vegan and be more shark. Continue reading

12 Weeks, No Poo

Okay, so this post isn’t actually as disgusting or as entertaining as it sounds. Apologies if you were looking forward to reading about my lack of bowel movements – but thankfully being vegan, I don’t have that problem. Continue reading

5 Things I’ve Learnt Since Going Vegan

I could write a never-ending list of things, but that would take weeks so here’s just 5 things I’ve learnt in 5 years of veganism. Continue reading