Orangutans and the Problem with Palm Oil

Have you ever seen an orangutan before (and not in a zoo)? Not just ordinary monkeys, orangutans share almost 97% of their DNA with people. The only places in the world where you can find wild orangutans are in Sumatra, Indonesia and Borneo, which is an island shared by Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. Continue reading

Easy Activism Ideas ✊💚

Whilst living in Melbourne (aka vegan heaven 😄), my friends and I got up to lots of different types of activism. It’s such a good place to be if you like doing animal rights related activities. Continue reading

Sure, Kiss Me With Your Steak Breath

People ask me all the time, “Would you date someone who eats meat?” Although I wish I had a vast multitude of animal-loving suitors lined up outside my front door, carrying bouquets of kale and whispering sweet nothings into my ear about tofu and animal sanctuaries, this is simply not reality. Continue reading

Volunteering at Soi Dog in Thailand 🐶

Volunteering at Soi Dog has definitely been one the highlights of my round the world trip so far – it’s so good I’ve been 3 times already! The shelter is in Mai Khao, which is in the North of Phuket island. Continue reading

Goat Speak, I Know What You’re Thinking

I used to think that vegans were crazy, dirty, tree-hugging weirdos. And that’s true for some people (I mean, look at Jess!). Continue reading