15 Vegan Dishes that Blew My Mind in 2018

Although January is midway and many have almost half-completed Veganuary, I’ve only started reflecting on 2018. With many people reminiscing over life achievements and personal goals, I’ve reflected on… FOOD. Continue reading

5 Must-Try Foods in Bali

I spent Christmas and New Years in Bali this year, and there is so much vegan food abundant everywhere. This visit was only a short one, which got me thinking about must-try foods on this small Indonesian island. Continue reading

Why I Keep Returning to Bali

I’ve written here before about Bali and its delicious food, so it’s no surprise that I still love visiting this beautiful Indonesian island. Continue reading

A Vegan Traveller in Bali

Check out Kayla’s experience at the world’s first vegan cinema by reading her article published on The Vegan Society blog 🙂

Continue reading

Ubud – A Vegan Paradise

If you are vegan and planning to go to Bali, chances are the place that will be on the top of your list is fabulous Ubud. Even for non-vegans, Ubud is the place to be. Continue reading