A Vegan Traveller in Bali

Check out Kayla’s experience at the world’s first vegan cinema by reading her article published on The Vegan Society blog 🙂

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Consumerism, Carnies & Christmas 🎄

Just a little poem about my favorite time of the year. 🎅 It’s meant to be a joke so don’t get too offended please.❤️ Continue reading

Sharks and the City

In case you didn’t know, sharks are just like people. Except people generally suck and sharks are awesome so watch Earthlings, go vegan and be more shark. Continue reading

Sure, Kiss Me With Your Steak Breath

People ask me all the time, “Would you date someone who eats meat?” Although I wish I had a vast multitude of animal-loving suitors lined up outside my front door, carrying bouquets of kale and whispering sweet nothings into my ear about tofu and animal sanctuaries, this is simply not reality. Continue reading