Tips for the Eco-Conscious Traveller

When we go on holiday, it’s easy to over-indulge. Whether it’s staying in fancy hotels, taking private transportation, or treating ourselves to extravagant meals – it’s easy to get carried away and forget about our environmental impact. Continue reading

Consumerism, Carnies & Christmas 🎄

Just a little poem about my favorite time of the year. 🎅 It’s meant to be a joke so don’t get too offended please.❤️ Continue reading

Poem – A Pig’s Wish 🐷

This is just a short poem that I wrote really randomly at 5 AM one morning. I’ve never written a poem before but I just woke up with the words in my head! It’s just a quick insight to the life of mother pigs across the world in the farming industry. I hope you enjoy it.  Continue reading

Sharks and the City

In case you didn’t know, sharks are just like people. Except people generally suck and sharks are awesome so watch Earthlings, go vegan and be more shark. Continue reading

Malapascua And Threshers

The first time I heard about Malapascua and Thresher sharks was from my friend Charlez in December 2016. After a year of dreaming about going to the island to see them for myself, I finally got to go, exactly 1 year later! Continue reading

Welcome To Hell aka Manila Zoo

During my internship at PETA, I went to Manila Zoo to check up on Mali the elephant for the Free Mali campaign (you can read more about it here). Continue reading

The Loneliest Elephant in The World

Meet Mali, the loneliest Elephant in the world. For nearly 40 years Mali has been a prisoner of the Manila Zoo where she has been deprived of everything that comes naturally to her. Continue reading

Volunteering at Soi Dog in Thailand 🐶

Volunteering at Soi Dog has definitely been one the highlights of my round the world trip so far – it’s so good I’ve been 3 times already! The shelter is in Mai Khao, which is in the North of Phuket island. Continue reading

Goat Speak, I Know What You’re Thinking

I used to think that vegans were crazy, dirty, tree-hugging weirdos. And that’s true for some people (I mean, look at Jess!). Continue reading

The Misery of Yulin

In China, over 10 million dogs are killed for their meat every year. The dog meat festival in Yulin is just a small part of the issue. Continue reading

Why We Should All Care About Sharks

I don’t know exactly how I became obsessed with sharks, but as far back as I can remember, I have always loved them. Continue reading