About Us

Although Jess thinks it was an instant connection, Kayla thinks it was a hilarious story over a vegan meal about two travellers who “shot” themselves in India (Jess was saying “shat”, but in her ridiculous Scottish accent) that brought us together. Our relationship is built on eating too much vegan ice cream, traveling, and talking about goats.

Jess is more laid-back, free-spirited, and artistic; Kayla is more neurotic, well-read, witty, and fashionable. Together, we make an ironic but delicious duo. Like toast and avocado.

We created this website as a way to combine our passions for writing and veganism, to share our stories and hopefully inspire others to live vegan.  🐐






Β  Β Writer

I’ve been vegan for 5 years. It probably all stemmed from growing up with tons of farm animals as “pets” and accelerated when I unknowingly ate my pet lamb Elmo for Easter dinner. Until I met Jess in Hong Kong, I was a quietvegan — I felt that food was a personal choice and that people could choose to eat whatever they liked with no judgement. The more I’ve learned about veganism, however, the more passionate I am about spreading the vegan message and educating people about the environmental, health, and social consequences of eating and using animal products. I’m currently a teacher in Hong Kong and I try to bring up animal rights issues in my classes. Otherwise, you can find me stuffing my face with dumplings, complaining about my love life, and talking about goats.



Artist and occasional contributor

I’ve been veganΒ for over six years and I probably talk about veganism way too much. I love animals, especially sharks. Anyone who knows me would probably say that my constant singing/burping is really annoying and I probably vandalise things too much (in the name of veganism). I also like art and showing people videos of animals being brutally slaughtered.Β One day I would love to be a female Gary Yourofsky, live by the sea, own my own dive shop, have a vegan cafe, a bunch of rescue goats and marry a real lifeΒ version of Simba. But right now I’m kinda homeless,just traveling around and inhaling all the delicious vegan food I come into contact with and trying to spread the vegan message.11

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