Easy Activism Ideas ✊💚

Whilst living in Melbourne (aka vegan heaven 😄), my friends and I got up to lots of different types of activism. It’s such a good place to be if you like doing animal rights related activities. There’s always lots of events and there are so many amazing people to meet, plus heaps of vegan restaurants!

Here are a few easy activism ideas that my friends and I have done in Melbourne (and some I have done since leaving 😢) ✌🌻💚


Sticker everything! 🙌🙌 It’s really easy to make your own stickers, either by creating a PDF with your own images and then just printing them onto sticker paper at places like Officeworks, Warehouse Stationery etc, or you can also just buy plain sticker paper and write your own messages on them. Easier still is you can order some for free online from PETA.


I also just recently made my own stickers 👇👇👇 which we would be happy to send you through PDF file. Visit our contact us page to get in touch! 😄



Get on Tinder and tell everyone they look like James Aspey or the Lord Gary, whoever you prefer 😂 You can create a fake account where every picture is just a fact from Cowspiracy, or spam people with slaughterhouse footage (although you might get blocked!) You can also create a real one and be “normal” and talk to people about veganism nicely👌


💌 Leaflets

Give them out to people and put them in magazines, jacket pockets, bags, ice-cream tubs, or tubs of butter.  Basically put them in anything that people are going to buy. Even better, just edit the supermarkets’ own leaflets. You can also use post-it-notes or get a little notepad and write messages on them, rip them out and leave them on public transport like my friend Kelly 🥒 used to do!


🐐 Signage

There’s sooo many places to put up signs!

It’s really cheap to get black and white pictures printed off at places like Office Works (around 9 cents a sheet). You can put these in the dead animal sections of the supermarkets, on public transport, toilet cubicles and restaurants. Some restaurants even leave frames outside for you to use! So nice. 🙏🌺


If you don’t have any printed out, you could always just quickly draw ones to put up in the supermarkets or on signs. My friend Amy sketched these beautiful pigs (middle picture) and then we got lots of photocopies and stuck them everywhere. 🐷


Also if you’re a cheap scrounge like me, you can make some rather dodgy looking signs with any random bits of cardboard you find on the street.🤷‍


Speaking of cardboard, sometimes you can find some decent-sized bits that aren’t that dirty and you can draw and write bigger messages on them and tie them to lamp posts or trees!🌳



This is a good colourful way to spread some vegan messages. I could be here for ages listing the types of things and places to draw on! Probably the easiest and safest one to begin with is the ground. Maybe some walls are okay, depending where you live. It’s best not to do it alone because some people can get hella triggered. And if you’re going to do it on businesses, then be careful. Chalk at your own risk!


The Vegan Chalk Challenge website has some great ideas that you can use!

I would highly recommend getting a chalk pen though so you can chalk on other surfaces, or even a whiteboard marker 😃😃😃

🦍 Stencils

You can also get chalk spray paint which is heaps faster to use (or of course go hard and use proper spray paint! 💪) My friend Dim has these awesome stencils you can buy from his site sacredscribble.com which look amazing!


🐣Reusing a Broken Blender

I don’t know how common it is to find broken blenders but if you do happen to find one, you can create a little art installation about eggs and leave it in a public place for people to see. The same goes for when you find a dead shark 🦈 R.I.P 😢


💀Supermarket Graves

I love this one so much because you can just use the flowers that are already in the supermarket which don’t cost you anything. It only takes two minutes to make a handwritten head stone. ✝


🍼 Decorating Milk Bottles

You can get empty cows’ milk bottles from shops or cafes. Just wash them out, decorate them as you wish, and then put them in the dairy section of the supermarket. You don’t even have to spend too long decorating them; even just having a simple message on them is enough. 🐮


🏴 Spray Painting Sheets

Placing banners on busy roads where the traffic is slow is perfect as the message can reach thousands of people in just one day. I think it’s good to have facts or websites on them in large clear letters. Just use some old sheets or get some cheap ones from the second-hand stores. I’m always paranoid about them coming off and causing an accident, so I would always suggest you tie them on super tight because it wouldn’t be very vegan if we were to kill someone!


🚗Decorate Your Car

I’m too scared to have anything too vegan on my car because I’m a terrible driver and I don’t want to draw attention to that! I do think, however, that it’s such a good idea to decorate your car. You can do it with signs or get some chalk pens.


(The vans are Matt & Andy’s from Sydney, but still, same country so you know…🤷)

🔊 Sounds in the Supermarket

All you need for this is a portable speaker, some sounds downloaded onto your phone, and a small sign. It’s good to use the sounds of pigs screaming in the gas chambers because the sound is so loud and haunting. I tried it once with the sounds of baby cows crying in the dairy section and it wasn’t that great, but maybe with louder sounds or in a busier place is would work well.


These are just a few easy ideas that you can do anytime, either on your own or with a few people. Obviously there are lots more, such as the following:

  • Writing ✏
  • Creating Music 🎶
  • Drawing/painting 🎨
  • Taking photos 📷 (bearwitnessaustralia.com)
  • Making videos/films 🎥 (dominionmovement.com)
  • Youtubing 🖥
  • Megaphoning 📢
  • Creating recipes 🍽
  • Designing clothing 👕


Thanks to the vegans of Melbourne for the inspiration! 💚🙏🌻🌱

If you do go to Melbourne, check out the group Animal Activist Collective. They are a group of passionate and dedicated activists that hold weekly glass wall demos, outreach, and chalking events in the city. And now thanks to portable TVs, you can find them anywhere! 🚶‍🚶‍🚶‍


Animal Activist Collective’s weekly demos & Disrupp Dave doing some truth walking📺






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