Consumerism, Carnies & Christmas ๐ŸŽ„

Just a little poem about my favorite time of the year. ๐ŸŽ…ย It’s meant to be a joke so don’t get too offended please.โค๏ธ


Consumerism, Carnies and Christmas

Surrounded by lots of loved ones,
It’s that special time of year.
We think of family, food and presents,
Santa and his seven (enslaved) reindeer.
Time to dress up in Christmas jumpers,
Build snowmen in the snow.
Drool over all the delicious food to eat
And kisses under the mistletoe.
We send cards and Christmas cheer,
Sip mulled wine on cold, starry nights.
Sing carols about peace on earth and kindness,
What the biggest load of shite!
Christmas is now all about money,
Forget the peace, love and kindness
There’s no time for that when there are products to be sold.
They take advantage of our blindness.
Their adverts tell us to keep spending,
So we buy shit that we don’t need.
Wasting money we don’t have,
Just to fill the corporation’s greed.
We exchange so much pointless shit,
On this yearly consumerist holiday.
We say ‘I love you’ with random crap,
An expense that our planet has to pay.
The holiday fucks us over,
If you open your eyes you’ll see..
That it’s not gifts but hours of your life,
Sitting under the Christmas tree.
But this season at least we can be grateful,
For the fact we are still alive.
Thank the lord we weren’t born as a ‘farm’ animal,
Because millions of those didn’t get to survive.
If it’s really the season of goodwill,
A time where love is meant to conquer hate.
Then why the fuck are so many of us sitting,
With dead babies on our plate?
Our family thinks we’re crazy,
”Aye, she’s always been a bit quirky.”
But they don’t see nothing weird about Gran,
Shoving her hand up the ass of a turkey..
They tell us we’re too sensitive,
As they start the ”mmm bacon” joking.
But they don’t want to hear that the meat that they eat,
Is as bad for them as smoking.
They joke; ”But where do you get your protein?”
But where do they get their high cholesterol?
And their type 2 diabetes?
Yet, being vegan isn’t healthy at all…
Most would rather go to hospital,
Than change their eating habits.
Why is weird to just eat vegetables,
And normal take high blood pressure tablets?
They don’t give us a chance to have our say,
They don’t want us to be heard.
So we just watch our ‘animal loving’ family,
Eat the body of a beautiful baby bird.
To eat dogs in Asia is a sin,
It’s seen as a shameful atrocity.
But it’s ok for us to eat turkeys at Christmas.
Oh Jiminey Cricket, the hypocrisy!
So this Christmas please stop buying shit,
Stop pretending all is fine and well.
Because thanks to you and your food choices,
Animals are going through a living hell.

โค๏ธย MERRY CHRISTMASโค๏ธ




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