A Vegan Guide to Snacks & Street Food in Hong Kong

When I first moved to Hong Kong, I was excited to try all the street food that I heard was famous here. To my dismay, I soon discovered that most of the snacks grossed me out (intestines, anyone?) and definitely weren’t vegan! Continue reading

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Sri Thanu

Most people go to Thailand for the beaches, the yoga, the palm trees, and the parties. But have you ever thought about going for a food holiday? Continue reading

Brunei: A Hidden Gem

While I was visiting Borneo this summer, I stumbled upon Brunei Darussalam – a tiny country that I’d never heard of before. After doing some research, I became super excited about this place. Continue reading

Vegan Ramen Guide to Tokyo

We welcome our first guest blogger, Tim Tim, who researched and ate more ramen in a 7 day period than is physically possible, just to write this post. Thanks for sharing your delicious experience and giving us major food envy! 

breakI had too much vegan ramen and too little sleep during my one-week trip to Tokyo last month. With some help from my friends, I was still unable to taste as much as I planned! This just goes to show how vegan-friendly Tokyo is. Continue reading

Orangutans and the Problem with Palm Oil

Have you ever seen an orangutan before (and not in a zoo)? Not just ordinary monkeys, orangutans share almost 97% of their DNA with people. The only places in the world where you can find wild orangutans are in Sumatra, Indonesia and Borneo, which is an island shared by Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. Continue reading

A Taste of Taipei

Although I live only a short flight away from Taipei, Taiwan, I never actually visited it until recently. I was told by many of my friends that Taipei was a vegan paradise. And they were right! Continue reading

Kombucha with a Twist

Have you ever tried kombucha tea? This fermented, bacteria-rich sour drink boasts all kinds of health benefits. It used to be a hippie drink of the past and is now widespread in restaurants and cafés all over the world, with many people even brewing their own batches at home. Continue reading

A Guide to Vegan Craft Beer and Grub in Hong Kong (by a non-beer drinker)

I’ve never been much of a beer drinker. In my younger days, my roommate and I would go to the dive bar closest to our apartment and get a pitcher of Coors Light for $11.75 (CND), sing some karaoke, and eat free meatballs (pre-vegan days). Continue reading

A Birthday Getaway in Singapore

Singapore is a place that I heard about before, but wasn’t overly inspired to visit. Living in Hong Kong, many people compare it to Singapore because they’re both finance centres, both “multicultural”, and both located in Asia. Continue reading

Cooking for a Cause in Vietnam

A lot of people say that Vietnamese food, which can be very meat-heavy, is difficult to veganize. I say that they obviously haven’t visited Karma Waters, which is a charitable organization and group of restaurants in Vietnam, that make mouth-watering vegan food but also help the needy. Continue reading

A Vegan Traveller in Bali

Check out Kayla’s experience at the world’s first vegan cinema by reading her article published on The Vegan Society blog 🙂

Continue reading

Accidentally Vegan Foods in Italy

Last summer, I had the opportunity to visit Italy. I had been there before, but it was long time ago, and before I was vegan. This time, I visited Rome again but also had the chance to properly visit Sicily. The weather was hot, the landscapes were stunning, and the food was delicious! Continue reading

Tips for the Eco-Conscious Traveller

When we go on holiday, it’s easy to over-indulge. Whether it’s staying in fancy hotels, taking private transportation, or treating ourselves to extravagant meals – it’s easy to get carried away and forget about our environmental impact. Continue reading

Portugal is More Vegan-Friendly Than You Think

Last summer, I decided to visit Portugal – somewhere I had always wanted to see. I knew that Portugal had amazing beaches, a culture with a rich history, and that the Portuguese consumed a lot of seafood. Continue reading

Easy Activism Ideas ✊💚

Whilst living in Melbourne (aka vegan heaven 😄), my friends and I got up to lots of different types of activism. It’s such a good place to be if you like doing animal rights related activities. Continue reading